Tech Tuesday

Q: I have been riding for years, but recently I have found that my saddle is now causing pain. Do I need a new saddle, or are there companies that recover them?

A: Like anything else, a saddle will eventually wear out, and it depends on the style and amount of foam padding used that will normally dictate a saddle’s life. The exception, of course, is an all-leather saddle like a Brooks, which really wears in over time. If you have a saddle with a lot of foam, it’s likely it will deform and change support more quickly than a saddle with minimal padding. 

Chances are that the saddle you have has run its course, and it’s time for a new one. As far as getting yours repaired, it’s not likely an option. I’m sure there is someone that would be willing to try, but it will likely never be the same as it was new. Plus, a new saddle in many cases could be less expensive.

If the saddle you’ve been riding is no longer produced, you can check eBay for NOS items. The best bet is to head to a local shop and see if they have any demo saddles. This way you can try before you buy and get a few miles on different models. There are also a handful of saddle companies that have fit-guide equipment. Selle Italia has a system at some of their top dealers that we have found works really well.


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