When Two Passion’s Collide with Music & Cycling

This Saturday Greg Irwin of the band Saint Motel will have his two passions collide with the Colorado Classic. Greg is an avid cyclist and former racer who has been fortunate to play all across the world with his band Saint Motel while also riding his bike.

Some people might say I am living the dream. Well, that’s actually only half true. I feel like I’m actually living BOTH dreams. My name is Greg Erwin and I am lucky to say I have spent my past 12 years as the drummer in Saint Motel.

The “dreams” I mentioned before were to play music with my closest pals in front of crowds all over the world, and to drag my bike along with me for the ride (pun intended). There were many years of grinding it out in the seediest of bars between nowhere and somewhere, but thankfully the hard work and persistence and creation of music that people actually want to hear lead to much bigger opportunities for the band, and we began to travel and see the world in a whole new way. Along with the growth came an opportunity for me (a former motorcycle and bicycle racer).

I knew if I was going to stay sane and even remotely healthy and balanced on the road 6-8 months a year, it would require the help of my bike. Once I started riding on tour, my outlook on everything changed, including the way I viewed many places I would have simply overlooked or seen as somewhere not worth being or going back to. Now I find that some of the strangest, smallest, no name places in the middle of absolute nowhere, are complete gems if I have my bicycle in tow.  It’s been truly special to be able to expand my already amazing journeys by just being able to pedal every day.

This coming week my worlds finally collide in Colorado as Saint Motel is one of the main acts of the music festival portion of the Colorado Classic / Velorama event which features a full 4 days of UCI WorldTour stage racing, along side a really incredible music festival.

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