Tuesday tech talk

Q: I’m new to road and gravel riding but have a serious question. Why are all the events so long? Every time I read about an event that seems fun, it’s 100-plus miles. Are there events that a regular person can complete in three to five hours, or am I just the only one that doesn’t want to be on the saddle for 6-plus hours? 

A: While many events are getting crazy long, I think it’s part of the challenge for many. Personally, with my history of riding sub-two-hour events, getting my on-bike nutrition and hydration correct for long events remains a challenge. Not to mention, finding the time to get in the necessary training is also hard. While I don’t ride Zwift often, many time-crunched athletes swear by the indoor experience to get their needed miles in.

All of that aside, most events do have shorter-distance options, which can be a better and more fun option to still enjoy a ride with a community. Remember, you don’t need to be the fastest or do the most miles to still have a great time. The best part about choosing the shorter routes is that you are typically also the first in line for all the post-ride food and beer. If you ask me, that is the best of both worlds and a wiser choice.

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