WTB Releases Sendero and Venture Tires

650b for your adventure rig

Press release:

WTB Expands Road Plus Line

WTB is proud to announce two new Road Plus™ tires designed for terrain ranging from loose gravel to rocky trails. The progressive Venture 47 and Sendero 47 tires build upon the RoadPlus™ concept by carrying drop bar riding even further into the dirt, where conditions are increasingly unpredictable and diverse.

WTB introduced RoadPlus™ in 2016 to expand drop bar capabilities beyond pavement without compromising performance on the tarmac required to get there. The increased volume over most preexisting 700c tires improved traction and came with a smoother ride that made the overall riding experience more comfortable and, to put it simply, fun. These two new Road Plus™ tires now promote leaving the pavement behind. Venture 47 is our most versatile Road Plus™ tire, delivering optimal performance across the widest range of conditions. The supportive centerline tread provides traction on hardpack terrain while the countless working edges of the intermediate ridges grab hold on gravel or dirt. Two rows of outer knobs provide additional cornering confidence and sidewall protection in loose or rocky conditions.

Inspired by progressive gravel events along the lines of Grinduro, the Sendero 47 provides an aggressive tread pattern in the high-volume Road Plus™ format, combining drop bar efficiency and mountain bike traction. We continually strive to innovate not only the products we make, but also where and how they allow us to
ride our bikes. As we found ourselves riding our drop bar bikes on increasingly aggressive terrain, we designed the Sendero 47 to keep up.

“Introduction of the Venture and Sendero tires completes the Road Plus™ family,” stated Johs. Huseby, WTB’s global OEM sales manager. “The Venture is the next step beyond the Byway in that it’s covered in grippy, low-height tread that grabs in gravel and dirt, while still rolling fast on hard surfaces. The idea behind it is 70% dirt 30% pavement. The Sendero is the most aggressive tire in the family, but still remains true to the original Road Plus™ concept of being efficient on hardpack surfaces. One look at the tread pattern though and it’s clear
its usage shines through when you start shredding down the trail (thus the name). Yup, I said it…shredding on a gravel bike. Within the Road Plus™ family, we now have a complete offering from fully smooth to completely knobby and everything in between.”

All WTB Road Plus™ tires feature our Road Plus TCS™ casing, which pairs the supple ride characteristics of a single-ply tire with the reliability of our TCS™ tubeless technology. The Sendero 47 has a production weight of 568 grams, while pre-production samples of the Venture 47 come in at 573 grams. WTB suggests mounting them to rims with inner widths between 23-25mm in order to maximize the benefits of high-volume Road Plus™ tires. Both the Venture 47 and Sendero 47 share the same price of $67.95


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