Already regarded for their well-received Velociraptor tires, long-time tire brand WTB is releasing a new  – and wider – version of the Vulpine. At 40mm it’s still best suited for performance minded dual-purpose riding conditions.


Press Release

Since its unveiling in 2021, our race-focused Vulpine tire has become a favorite among WTB’s line of high-performance tubeless gravel tires. As the Vulpine 36 made its way across podiums, we received feedback that the only way to make the Vulpine better would be to offer a wider version. Due to popular demand, WTB is proud to announce that the Vulpine is now available in a 40mm width. The Vulpine 40 is the tire of choice for racers who need a fast, lightweight tire that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or traction.

Speed is the name of the game and the Vulpine delivers it with a nearly uninterrupted centerline tread that maximizes rolling efficiency while the outer tread areas are packed with minimalist knobs that provide high-speed cornering confidence and protect the tread from punctures. The additional volume of the Vulpine 40 improves comfort and reduces fatigue during the longest, most challenging races and strengthens its versatility as a fast-rolling tire that promotes speed while allowing you to remain in complete control at any pace. The knob profile mimics that of a high-volume road tire, delivering predictable performance on a variety of surfaces. The Vulpine prioritizes all-out efficiency without sacrificing climbing or braking traction and is the perfect tire for gravel racers looking to lead the pack while also being an excellent choice for enthusiasts in search of a capable tire that excels on pavement, hardpack and gravel.

“Not only is the Vulpine a fast tire from a rolling resistance perspective, the tread pattern is confidence-inducing through all the technical sections I’ve encountered…including the rooty singletrack of RPI, the loose mountain descents at FoCo Fondo, and the sandy sections of BWR Utah. A confident rider is a fast rider.” – WTB Athlete Whitney Allison

The Vulpine 40 is available in three different configurations with weights starting at 425 grams. Vulpine tires with a 60tpi casing are available with black or tan sidewalls and retail for $65.95 while a 120tpi version featuring SG2 bead-to-bead puncture protection retails for $76.95. The Vulpine 40 is currently available at WTB.com and will be found on bike shop shelves across America and Europe in the weeks ahead.


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