Yeti Cycles and Open Create New Frameset

Press Release: Yeti Cycles owner, Chris Conroy and OPEN co-founder Andy Kessler often crossed paths early in their bike industry careers. Later, both struck out on their own to run two like-minded companies that share the same design philosophy – “building bikes we want to ride.” In this shared spirit, Yeti and OPEN are now launching the all-new Yeti-inspired NEW U.P. frameset in iconic Yeti turquoise.

The NEW U.P., for Unbeaten Path, is an all-carbon frame that combines the geometry of a road-riding position with the clearance for cross and mountain bike tires – up to 27.5 x 2.1 inches. The outcome is a bike capable of taking on asphalt, gravel roads or singletrack. When Kessler and fellow OPEN founder Gerard Vroomen set out to design the NEW U.P., they focused on creating a completely unique bike.

“The combination of a fast, road body positioning and the tire clearance creates a different and enjoyable experience for the rider,” said Kessler. “The best compliment we regularly receive about the U.P. is that it changes how and where people ride. Of course, with all the work Gerard did on the frame details including carbon layup, MultiStop cable routing, direct flatmount disc brake integration, and signature dropped chainstay, the ride quality and esthetics appeal to people as well.”

When Kessler and Conroy first conspired on this project, they both marveled at the similarities between Yeti and OPEN in ethos, practice and focus on consumers. Both companies offer annual consumer events – for Yeti, Tribe Gathering and for OPEN, CrossFondue.

“The beauty of working with OPEN is while we create radically different product, we do it with the same uncompromised focus and for the consumer who demands the best,” said Conroy. “It was an easy choice to work with OPEN because we knew the product would meet our standards and the standards of our Yeti Freaks.”

The Yeti-inspired New U.P. frameset will be available to order through OPEN dealers and online at now and will ship in time for the Holidays. It retails for $3200.

About Yeti Cycles
Founded in 1985, Yeti Cycles makes race-bred, obsessively engineered, masterfully crafted mountain bikes proven by the fastest riders in the most demanding conditions. Based in Golden, Colorado, Yeti is owned and staffed by riders who are more likely to be out riding the company’s latest creation than sitting in a conference room. Visit to learn more.

About OPEN
Founded by Gerard Vroomen and Andy Kessler, OPEN’s motto is “working hard to stay small”. Andy and Gerard did the “big company” thing, and it was time for something different. OPEN designs and produces the bike they want to ride and sell to like-minded people – that’s it. If the simplicity of nice bikes, nice rides, nice company and nothing else are what you’re after too, join us at OPEN.



Photos: Marc Gasch

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