First Look: 2017 BMC RoadMachine

If anyone thought the UCI’s banishment of disc brakes in the pro peloton would slow things down in terms of disc brake spec for the rest of us, clearly, they were mistaken. BMC has rolled out an all new line of endurance road bikes centered around the notion  of who and what a “Gran Fondo” rider is….which in short means the non-racer type who simply enjoys riding a high performance bike for as long as they want to.  Like all of us.


It’s with the generic GF rider in mind that BMC has released a family of new bikes geared for you, me, us, the neighbors and anyone else with a mind towards enthusiastic riding aboard Swiss engineered machines. Three categories of Roadmachines are planned with the 01 and 02 models relying on carbon frames and the entry level 03 using an aluminum frame. All the bikes will be available in six (47, 51, 54, 56, 58 and 61cm) sizes.

As is becoming the new standard with many all-purpose, modern road bikes, the Roadmachines are (flat mount) disc brake and (12mm) thru-axle dedicated. Taking some of the wind out of the celebration is BMC’s move to a dedicated stem which usually only results in down-the-road complications when it comes to sizing and replacement needs. Luckily, the handlebar is still a standard spec item. Stem options will be available through BMC dealers in 90-130mm sizes). Both the stem and steerer tube are part of BMC’s new Integrated Cockpit System which in pursuit of running the cables internally, they uses a steerer tube with a flat shape that allows the cables to pass easily.

Lest anyone think that all this talk of disc brake and thru-axles indicates that BMC has gone gravel – not! Though wheel clearance has been increased over previous BMC frames, on both the 01 and 02 models, there is only enough room to go to a 30mm tire – hardly the stuff of adequate gravel needs. The aluminum 03 model has room for a 32mm tire – ditto.

BMC Roadmachine-02_Ultegra-Di2
We’re happy to see that BMC designers rediscovered the Pantone color chart that must’ve been mis-placed all these years.


BMC Roadmachine_Outdoor_Detail_Forstner_7small (1)
BMC is making much of their new Integrated Cockpit System that uses a dedicated steerer tube/spacer/stem combo to keep all the cables run internally.


BMC Roadmachine_Outdoor_Detail_Forstner_6
Touting a “Re-Tuned” compliance design, BMC has beefed up their lowered seatstays for added stiffness. The “D shaped” seat post is also part of the added compliance effort.


BMC Roadmachine-03_105
The entry level 03 bike uses an aluminum frame and loses the internal cable routing. Two models will be available: Shimano 105 $2199 and Shimano Tiagra $1999.

The three models in the 01 series range in price from $5299 w/ Shimano Ultegra, $7499 w/ Shimano Ultegra D12, and $10,999 w/ Shimano DurAce Di2. The three models in the 02 series (which use a lower level carbon lay-up) range in price from $2999 w/ Shimano 105, $3999 w/ Shimano Ultegra, and $4999 w/ Shimano Ultegra Di2.

For more info: BMC Bicycles



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