Ingenuity born for mountain bikes, now gravel bike friendly

We first saw the Archer wireless remote shifting when the lads from Santa Cruz were paying a visit to our upstairs sister ‘zine Mountain bike Action to give them a first-look at the system originally designed for mountain bike application. Given the modular nature of MTB brake/shifter assemblies, the Archer shifters made good sense…but what about us drop bar riders?!

(Here is the Mountain Bike Action review of the Archer shift system)

Although not as hassle free as it is to use for mountain bikes, Archer has partnered with TRP to  devise a component system to make the wireless shift kit applicable to drop bar bikes.


Archer Components’ proven wireless electronic system is shifting the paradigm of electronic components in the bike industry, and they’ve widened their reach with the launch of their eagerly awaited Drop Bar Remote (DBR). The new remote follows on the heels of the highly successful mountain bike shifting system.

Since 2015 Archer Components has been at the forefront of wireless shifting, and with the rapid adoption of gravel bikes on trails worldwide, they saw an opportunity to bring wireless shifting to a new group of riders. Archer has partnered with TRP, makers of the highly regarded, gravel/cross-friendly Hylex RS Brakes, to provide an integrated cockpit with high-performance electronic shifting and hydraulic braking.

Using technology carried over from the D1x system, Archer utilized the existing chainstay-mounted shifter but created a new two-button remote to integrate seamlessly into the hood of TRP’s Hylex brake lever. The custom-designed DBR works ergonomically within the TRP hood to give the look and feel of a totally integrated system, with unparalleled ease and convenience when shifting.
The new remote offers all the same function of their mountain bike: easy up and down push-button shifting; on-the-fly micro-adjustability for pinpoint adjustments. Even better, the DBR has on-bike charging via standard USB for added convenience.

“In addition to expanding the drivetrain options for gravel bike riders and builders alike, we knew we wanted full integration with the brake hood for a clean look and killer ergonomics, so the choice of TRP was obvious,” says Devin Carlson, Archer’s founder. “Electronic shifting has always come at a high price before this, and we wanted to make it affordable for everyone. We’ve seen great success with our D1x, and we’re confident the new DBR will be equally well received.”


In addition to the clear benefits of wireless e-shifting, Archer’s technology also lets you tune each individual shift point of your rear derailleur, so even if you have a bad ring or bent hanger, etc., you can micro-adjust on the fly! Plus, it allows derailleurs to work through their entire range, rather than being confined to the preset parameters of the shifters: This allows either of their systems to work with any derailleur and any size cassette, regardless of the brand, model, etc., from 1 to 20 speeds! You can even mix and match brands.

Through the accompanying mobile app (or in-remote micro-adjust button), the system easily dials each shift, on any size/brand cog, which future-proofs the tech for the ever-increasing number of available speeds – to each individual gear with micro-adjustments of a quarter of a millimeter!
Archer is continuing to expand its product line and is developing and testing shifters for e-bikes – where they can tap into the onboard battery – and road bikes as well.

The full ARCHER D1x Trail Shifter with DBR Remote System ($399) will be available for pre-sale starting 12/21/20, consisting of a brake hood-mounted remote with on-the-fly micro-adjustability and a frame-mounted digital shifting unit. Everything is included for the quick, simple installation through the Archer mobile app, which can be done in well under an hour.

If you already have a D1x Trail shifter, you can simply buy the DBR remote, which will also be available for pre-sale on the Archer site for $119.


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