Just days before the Tour de France Grand Depart in Northern France, Shimano has released details of the next generation Dura-Ace groups. As with the past two Dura-Ace iterations, there is an electronic Di2 version in addition to mechanical . There are a couple of huge additions, but a 12th cog and elimination of wires are NOT part of those changes. The big news is that hydraulic disc brakes make their way into the Dura-Ace line, coming in both Di2 and mechanical versions. And for those that like to train with power, an integrated power meter finds its way seamlessly into the crank.


The new Dura-Ace Hollowtech II crankset uses dual-sided strain gauges that are internally hard wired together for reliable performance in all weather conditions and accurate measurement regardless of pedaling position. Shimano’s integrated approach also ensures simplified maintenance with a single rechargeable battery powering the entire unit and the ability to wirelessly update firmware.

  • ±2% strain gauge power measurement accuracy
  • Stable power measurement system across all pedaling positions
  • Reliable electrical system that is waterproof in all conditions
  • Single rechargeable battery
  • Easily swap chainrings without affecting power measurement
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless communication
  • Crank lengths: 170, 172.5, 175mm (w/chainrings)
    165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180mm (w/o chainrings)
  • Rider Tuned gear combinations (2×11): 50-34T, 52-36T, 53-39T
  • Expanded Rider Tuned gearing and improved drivetrain precision
  • Pricing and weight is not available


Utilizing a lightweight and minimalistic Flat Mount design, the R9170 caliper features stopping power ideally tuned for road applications. The new RT900 rotor offers even greater heat management capability than Shimano’s SM-RT99 Ice Tech Freeza rotors, resulting in braking performance and reliability in the most demanding conditions.

  • Integrated low-profile caliper design utilizes Flat Mount system
  • Optimally balanced hydraulic brake system for racing
  • Lightweight design
  • Improved heat dissipation
  •  Simple set up and maintenance
  •  Easy tool access, wheel replacement and bleeding process
  • Weight: 256g (BR-R9170, Pair) SM-RT900

ST-R9100 series

There are now four shifters in the Dura-Ace line, a Di2 hydraulic disc (9170), Di2 rim brake (9150), mechanical hydraulic disc (9120), and mechanical rim brake (9100). For the Di2 shifters, they receive a feature first introduced in XTR Di2 M9050 called Synchro Shift,which creates an intuitive experience on the bike through synchronized front and rear shifting that can be custom programmed by riders. In addition to traditional “Full” Synchro Shift, riders can optionally select “Semi” Synchro Shift. This new mode automatically reacts when the rider shifts from one chainring to another, automatically shifting the rear derailleur to minimize the gear step, thus preserving the rider’s rhythm. Shimano Synchronized Shift will be available for all previous 11-speed Di2 road component groups with the use of new Di2 firmware and accessories in November 2016.

As for the 9100 and 9120, Shimano has improved the ease of the lever throw with lighter mechanical shifting. Ergonomics have also been refined and they are available in mechanical rim brake or hydraulic disc brake configurations.

  • Shorter lever stroke delivers quick and intuitive rear shifting
  • A redesigned internal shifting unit provides lighter front shifting operation
  • Ergonomic shape and refined hood cover material
  • Expanded reach adjustment range (14mm)
  • Consistent braking performance in any condition
  • Weight: 365g (ST-R9100, Pair), 505g (ST-R9120, Pair)

CS-R9100_ Cassette

Shimano added an additional cassette option with the inclusion of an 11-30, which uses an alloy spider arm and five titanium sprockets for lightweight performance.

  • 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-30T, 12-25T, 12-28T
  • Weight: 175g (11-25T), 193g (11-28T), 211g (11-30T), 189g (12-25T), 205g (12-28T)

An updated chain now uses a quick-link for tool-free connection rather than having to use a pin and chain tool for installation. The quick link is also compatible with current 11-speed chains.  The new HG901-11 chain features an asymmetric plate design that improves shift quality, increases chain retention and reduces drivetrain noise.

  • Asymmetric plate design
  • Enhanced chain retention across the range of chain line angles
  • SIL-TEC on Plate/Roller
  • Hollow pin design for low weight
  • Weight: 247g (114Link)
  • New quick-link design


9100 (mechanical shifting/rim brake)

  • Price: $2029.92
  • Weight: 2097 grams w/cables

9120 (mechanical shifting/disc brake)

  • Price: $2354.90
  • Weight: 2445 grams w/cables

9150 (Di2 shifting/rim brake)

  •  Price: $3046.85
  • Weight: 2050 grams w/cables

9170 (Di2 shifting/disc brake)

  • Price: $3137.90
  • Weight: 2389 grams w/cables

Watch for Shimano sponsored teams to be using the new groups beginning in Stage 1 of the Tour de France. For more information visit:


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