There’s no doubt that when it comes to winning legacies in the bike industry that Italian shoe brand Sidi will always enjoy an unmatched  win record.  Born in 1960 first as a ski boot maker before moving on as a boot maker for the motocross world, it was in the early 70s when their first cycling shoes were developed. From the beginning it was the company’s industrious founder, Dino Signori who pushed his shoe and boot designs further.


Earlier this year Sidi Sports was acquired by the Italian investment firm Italmobiliare which focuses on forward thinking brands with a made in Italy identity.  “I am proud of this deal which respects my history as an entrepreneur over the last sixty years or more,” said Signoiri.  “It will ensure that the company can grow even stronger and more competitive.”


Since 1960, Sidi founder Dino Signori, has been tireless in pursuing high performance footwear for both cycling and motorcycling. With the recent sale of his company, after decades of winning, Dino is finally moving on.

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Whether it’s a bike ride chasing the last light of the winter solstice or a coffee ride with friends looking for the perfect place to chat, Sidi offers a range of must-have products for this festive season on the pedals. From the most iconic models to those dedicated to the new gravel frontier, this wish list lacks nothing to keep everyone happy, whatever the situation is.

In pole position is the Shot 2, a model that became part of the Sidi range at the end of 2020 and was chosen by many champions, becoming an authentic must-have. Given its characteristics and unavoidable comfort, the Shot 2 ensures high performance for those who love to spend hours on the saddle of a road bike. A light and reinforced product whose “C-BOOST SRS” sole, through its special conformation, allows for improved transmission of power on the pedals, ensuring fun and high performance.

The real novelty this year is the DZero version which – borrowing the unparalleled lightness and revolutionary design of the Shot 2 – combines tradition and sustainability in a product that represents the values of Sidi’s founder. The shoes that combine tradition with innovation and sustainability are made with a BioVeg upper. This innovative biodegradable material is the perfect canvas for Dino Signori’s most singular and charismatic expressions, which have become a true trademark in over sixty years of history.


If it is true that the classic can’t be beaten, Sidi’s best sellers include the Genius 10 shoes that are as comfortable as they are performing. Reactive and versatile, these shoes adapt perfectly to adrenaline-fueled situations such as a sudden sprint. Their adventurous spirit places special emphasis on endurance, making them particularly suitable for long adventures on unknown roads. Patented closures ensure comfort, while the injected nylon and carbon fibre sole allows the technical characteristics to remain unchanged over time.


MTB Gravel finally are ideal for mountain bike and gravel enthusiasts. Rigid, impact- and tear-resistant, they are safe be wise of details such as the external polyurethane shock-absorber and protection, the internal padding and the reinforced heel. Their attractive design and versatile soul make them a real all-rounder. The MTB Competition sole is designed for off-road specialties, while two crampons that can be fitted on the toe, as required, make it easier to tackle difficult and muddy trails.

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