Do You Even ZWIFT?

Training for big climbs just went virtual

The world of Zwift has been a saving grace for those that enjoy training year around. Here in Southern California we rarely have a day where we can’t enjoy the great outdoors, but Zwift might have just offered up a reason to stay in. Zwift has just released the new Alpe Du Zwift that will bear more than a few similarities to one of the most
famous climbs in cycling, Alpe D’Huez. While the terrain mimics the French giant, the climb has a distinct Zwift twist with numbered switchbacks and gaming twists.

The Alpe Du Zwift segment

Segment Length: 7.5mi /12km
Segment elevation gain: 3400ft /1036m
Average gradient: 8.5%
Alpe Du Zwift is part of the Watopia Island course and can be accessed via the Mayan Jungle
Segments: 21 Hairpins/switchbacks
Alpe Du Zwift is only open to Zwifters at Level 12 or higher
The Level 12 Alpe Gate is marked Red when locked, and Green when available
Zwifters who become level 12 mid-session will immediately be allowed access

Zwift now brings big mountain training to you no matter where you find yourself. For us, it’s a great way to get in big climbing days free of throttle twisters and hotrods. For others, it makes it possible to climb in a region that only offers rolling hills or flat corn fields. So no more excuses as to why you cant finish that next bucket list fondo that is stacked with climbs, practice, and train from the comfort of your living room or in our case the garage.

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