It was back in 2019 that Shimano invited RBA to a GRX product launch/ride camp to ride their gravel honed drivetrain. And now two years on the Japanese component giant is back with a limited edition version of the group that has a distinct artisanal flair.  While the components themselves have not changed, Shimano decided that an aesthetic upgrade might not be a bad idea and that’s what they’ll be showcasing on a variety of custom-built bikes being displayed at this weekend’s Unbound Gravel race in Emporia, Kansas.

According to Shimano’s Dylan Stucki, a key point to keep in mind about the GRX Limited parts are that they will really be “limited.” As Dylan said, “The limited quantities of GRX Limited will be sold to IBDs and frame builders as complete groupsets. Our goal is to let the frame builders use the parts to tell the story.” Fair enough, but in case you were wondering, here are the prices for the three GRX Limited group options:


2×11 drop bar – $1465
1×11 drop bar – $1360
1×11 flat bar – $1015



The Sage Titanium Barlow was the test bike we used to test the Shimano GRX parts back in 2019.

But, before we get lost in the shiny new parts, let’s remember what GRX was all about as we reviewed the gravel parts…

“While Shimano touts the GRX as the world’s first gravel-specific component group, and was a ground-up design, almost all of the components are compatible with existing gruppos. Instead of expanding their already-expansive road designations, the GRX insignia helps navigate what is now a vast offering of shifters, derailleurs, cranks and other small parts with the potential to commingle.

“GRX is also the first non-mountain bike 1x drivetrain from Shimano. Though late to officially jump into the G-world, in typical Shimano fashion, the GRX parts were years in the R&D process, beginning with last year’s soft launch of the Ultegra RX rear derailleur acting only to whet our appetite of what was to come.”

Read the full review: Shimano launches GRX


How sweet is that polished finish?!

Press Release

Shimano will have a special, collaborative exhibition at this year’s Unbound Gravel. Ten stunning hand-built bikes designed by master frame builders from around the world will debut Shimano’s new GRX Limited groupset. These bikes will be on display June 2nd and 3rd at the All Things Gravel expo in downtown Emporia, Kansas to celebrate the history as well as the future of gravel cycling with a nod to the bespoke bicycle community.

One question raised about the polished levers is if they would then lose the grippy, tactile touch found with the standard coated dark levers.

Born out of adventure and the call to Explore Beyond, Shimano delivered the first dedicated gravel components back in 2019 with Shimano GRX. Built to support riders as they pursued a wider range of terrain on drop bars, GRX parts helped advance gravel riding and opened the door to new riders around the world. Today, Shimano releases GRX Limited to celebrate this revolutionary gravel group and the heritage of drop bar adventure riding.

At its core, GRX Limited is the tried and true 11-speed mechanical GRX 800 series groupset, but the brushed and polished silver finish delivers a classy take on the quality, precision, and durability synonymous with GRX. The limited run of parts comes in three available spec options; 1×11-speed and 2×11-speed for drop bars, and a third, special offering of 1×11-speed for flat bar configuration.

GRX Limited will be available solely as a complete group set, only available from frame builders and aftermarket retailers.


Counter to the dictates of current gravel fashion, Shimano thankfully made a 2x version of the new GRX Limited drivetrain.

For More Info: Shimano GRX

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