New Cannondale SystemSix

All-New SystemSix is the Fastest Road Bike in the world

Press Release

Cannondale, today announced the launch of its newest road bike, the SystemSix. Designed as a complete speed system, this race-bred machine is the lowest-drag, most efficient, all-around fastest UCI-legal road bike on the market today. Not only the fastest in the wind-tunnel, not only the fastest for a select few riders in a select few scenarios, but the SystemSix is the fastest road bike for anyone interested in going faster anywhere.

“SystemSix is the result of a ground-up design where each element is optimized in pursuit of speed,” said Nathan Barry, Cannondale Design Engineer. “Aerodynamic drag is the single greatest resistive force that riders have to overcome so it is important to everyone, not just racers. SystemSix delivers more speed, to more riders, more of the time.”

The SystemSix is built on a six-part foundation – frame, fork, seatpost, bar, stem and wheels that all work together as a system. The disc-brake only design freed SystemSix from the constraints imposed by rim brakes, allowing engineers to achieve new levels of drag-reducing integration between the frame, fork and wheels. Precisely truncated airfoil profiles in the frame, fork and seatpost maintain airflow attachment across important yaw angles and minimize drag while delivering world-class stiffness and ride feel.

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Completing the system are Cannondale’s new HollowGram KNØT64 wheels and KNØT SystemBar. The HollowGram KNØT64 wheels are engineered to combine the comfort and feel of larger volume tires with the aerodynamic efficiency of the fastest wheelsets in the world, while the KNØT SystemBar provides the low drag and sleek look of a one-piece bar and stem, with the adjustability and convenience of a two-piece system. With a full 8° of pitch adjust, as well as the ability to change stem length and bar width, it makes it easy to dial in the perfect position.

With other thoughtful details like ready-to-activate Power2Max power meters, fast and convenient Speed Release thru-axles and easy-to-service internal cable routing, the SystemSix is a full tilt, fully integrated road racing machine. Riders will climb faster, descend faster, sprint faster and draft easier on the all-new SystemSix.

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