As gravel continues to amass its rightfully earned following across the cycling industry, the Enve Mog is the latest addition to the drop-bar market. Recently, Enve made a strong foray into the  frame market with its launch of the American-made Custom Road and the massed-produced Melee. The Mog is Enve’s attempt at defining what a modern gravel bike should be. The Enve team has an extensive gravel background and there is plenty of good riding in the area so it was no surprise to see a dedicated gravel bike join Enve’s lineup.

In general, a modern gravel bike features room for wider tires, internal routing, a threaded bottom bracket, 1x/2x drivetrain compatibility and compliant, easy-to-control handling characteristics. On paper, the Mog checks all of the boxes. Enve claims there is clearance for up to 700x50mm tires and applies each of the above designs we like to see on new bikes.

Much like the Melee, all of the testing and design was based out of Enve’s HQ in Ogden, Utah while the production takes place at Enve factories in China. The frame’s layup features various laminates of unidirectional carbon fibers derived using Enve’s Material Optimized Design (M.O.D.). “In simple terms, Material Optimized Design means designing and manufacturing products that play to the strengths of carbon fiber. The materials, fiber weights, and fiber angles used in the laminate are selected and manipulated to achieve zone specific performance within the part. Carbon is the key ingredient, and we use the best we can get our hands on, but ultimately the process it is subjected to makes it an Enve product,” stated Jake Pantone VP of Product and Brand.

Like the Melee and Custom Road, the Mog is available as a “Chassis” which includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seat post. Missing are things like the bottom bracket, wheels, tires and drivetrain. Prices start at $5500.

As we have come to expect from Enve there are no complete builds offered, rather the Mog is available as a “Chassis Only” which includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seat post. During the ordering process via an Enve dealer a selection of bar, stem and seatpost options and sizes can be customized to ensure a proper fit.

“Because we ride and race our gravel bikes across such a variety of surfaces and conditions that range from extremely rough to silky smooth, we put a lot of focus into ensuring the Mog’s geometry and design delivered a balanced, confident ride in every environment. Knowing that there is a broad range in how people are using their gravel bikes, varying from racing to adventure riding, or a combination of the two, it was also important for us to offer a range of component options that allow each rider to tailor the Mog to their needs through handlebar and seat post options” stated Enve Marketing Manager, Neil Shirley.

Anyone unsure of which size stem or bar to choose can use Enve’s Best-Fit Calculator. It’s a new tool available on the Enve website that utilizes the rider’s desired stack, reach, and saddle position to determine the ideal frame size, stem length, spacer stack, and seatpost offset combination.

“Your bike needs to be an extension of your body and we want people to achieve that seamless feel from the first pedal stroke. Our calculator aims to simplify the fitment process for the fitter and customer alike. The calculator functions simply by pairing a rider’s fit stack, fit reach, and saddle position numbers with a frame geometry, stem length, stem rise, spacer stack, and saddle offset. The output provides the rider with several frame and component configuration options that the rider, along with their fitter, can analyze to determine the rider’s “best-fit” option,” stated Pantone.

There are six sizes sizes (49-60cm) available of the Mog. For now only a single colorway of the Mog is offered but Enve provides the option to select a personalized decal kit which includes stickers for the head tube, stem, down tube, and seat tube.

We’re looking forward to riding the Mog soon, check back for a full review.

Two individual “Cargo Boxes” located on the down tube and seat tube provide additional in-frame storage.


  • Carbon construction
  • Internal routing
  • Tuned geometry for 700c wheels and tires
  • 1x or 2x drivetrain compatibility
  • Threaded T47 bottom bracket
  • Enve Cargo Box and Bags (in-frame storage)
  • Dropper post compatibility
  • Fender mounts
  • On-frame storage/rack mounts
  • Tire clearance for 700x50mm


Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm

MOG Chassis Price: US $5,500/ €5,995/ £5,500/ AUD $9,999



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