SHIMANO 105 DI2 12-SPEED – R7100

Shimano electronic shifting and wireless performance for the masses.

It wasn’t that long ago that we made the prediction that most road cyclists would be on some sort of electronic shifting system in the future. With the release of this next evolution in Shimano 105, that prediction becomes even more relevant. Gone are the days of only top-tier bikes and cyclists with deep pockets enjoying the precision and consistency that electronic shifting offers. SRAM was the first with their Rival AXS system and now Shimano has also made the leap.  This will allow a whole new price point and category of cyclists to enjoy what modern technology has to offer.

Beyond the electronics and move to 12-speeds, Shimano has made some improvements to the brakes that entry-level bikes will benefit from. The disc calipers have 10% more space between pad and rotor. This allows the entry-level bikes to flex with minimal brake rub. For the entry-level carbon market and alloy market, this means a better overall user experience.

This is one of the most fast-paced years for Shimano since they launched Dura-Ace and Ultegra 12-speed simultaneously less than a year ago. We haven’t gotten word yet but hopefully, this new 105 offering will be in the market and available to consumers quickly. It has taken almost 10 months for us to see Dura-Ace and Ultegra available, and we are hoping that the 105 option is quicker to market.

From Shimano

New SHIMANO 105 Di2 Delivers 12-Speed

Celebrating its 40th anniversary since its first introduction in 1982, SHIMANO 105 receives the ultimate upgrade with a move to Di2 electronic shifting technology. The highly anticipated Shimano 105 R7100 group not only delivers Di2 performance to an entirely new range of riders, but also offers Shimano’s flagship 12-speed, wireless shifting with easy operation and increased reliability in a more attainable package.

Riders who have traditionally used mechanical shifting systems can now experience the function and technology inherited from recent ground-breaking updates to DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA. Shimano 105 Di2 is the culmination of years of research and development, where flawless wireless shifting, tailored gearing, and an exceptional braking system, mark a new era in affordable performance.

SHIMANO 105 Di2: Science of Speed

With its original groundbreaking electronic Digital Integrated Intelligence (Di2) shifting system launched in 2009, this latest version of Shimano Di2 features critical functional enhancements, including a wireless cockpit and the jump to 12-speed. And it’s all been done without any sacrifice to the fast, precise and reliable shifting riders have come to expect from all Shimano road groups. Changing gears is simple and consistent all the time, every time.

  • Evolved Di2 platform – A completely redesigned Di2 system delivers fast shifting in a wireless
    cockpit design.
  • Most advanced drivetrain – Optimized 12-speed gearing for unmatched efficiency and seamless
  • Refined interface and ergonomics – With the optimal balance of comfort, aerodynamics, and
    aesthetics, Shimano 105 provides secure and comfortable ergonomics and a cleaner cockpit
  • Enhanced brake system – Improving braking control, the new Shimano 105 brake system offers a
    quieter, maintenance-friendly system.
  • New carbon wheels – Blending aerodynamics, rigidity, weight and cost in a competitive full-carbon,
    tubeless wheel option.

SHIMANO 105 Di2: Wireless where it matters

Shimano 105 Di2 utilizes a hybrid system, featuring a wireless cockpit paired with a wired connection between a single, seat-tube-stored battery and the front and rear derailleurs, ensuring absolute reliability in all conditions. And just like DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA, the Shimano 105 Di2 system is highly customizable using Shimano’s user-friendly E-TUBE PROJECT App on your smartphone.

With E-TUBE PROJECT you can set up your drivetrain just the way you like it, adjusting shift speed, altering the number of shifts per button actuation, and utilizing the Synchronized and Semi-Synchro shifting functionality.

You can also pair the system with most third-party cycling computers, including Garmin and Wahoo, which allow you to monitor gear selection or battery status.

SHIMANO 105 Di2: Refined interface and ergonomics

The new Shimano 105 dual control levers feature unparalleled ergonomics and refinements following pro rider feedback, where a raised hood peak and new lever shape enhance comfort and control in every riding position. Braking is also optimized thanks to a lighter, smoother lever action and expanded braking control area.

The levers utilize Shimano’s proprietary wireless integrated circuit that features high–security, fast processing speed and low power consumption. Contrast that with other wireless platforms and you get a significant decrease in interference probability, faster shift speeds, and longer battery life. By using a single, internally housed rechargeable battery, charging is straightforward, and the battery is protected — ensuring stable and reliable shifting at all times.

ST-R7170 Shifter

  • Wireless Di2 connectivity
  • 2×12-speed Dual-Control lever
  • Refined hood for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics
  • Improved button access

SHIMANO 105 Di2: Advanced drivetrain technology

By moving to a 12-speed cassette, Shimano 105 R7100 Series now has the high and low gearing that riders want, along with an intelligent progression of gear steps in between. This is the result of optimized drivetrain components, which include 11-34 and 11-36 cassette options and 50-34 and 52-36 cranksets. Together they deliver low, even sub 1:1, gear combinations that let riders take on steeper slopes and better control their efforts because gear steps are more closely spaced allowing you to always find a comfortable cadence.

The new system is also backwards compatible, meaning you can use your existing 11-speed freehub-equipped wheels with the new Shimano 105 Di2 drivetrain.

FC-R7100 Crank

  • 2×12-speed
  • Chainring combinations: 50-34T, 52-36T(available at a later date)

CS-R7100 Cassette

  • 12-speed
  • 11-tooth small cog for optimal efficiency
  • Optimized “Sweet Spot” Gears for pedaling efficiency
  • Compatible with 11-speed freehub bodies
  • 11-34T

CS-HG710-12 Cassette

  • 12-speed
  • 11-tooth small cog for optimal efficiency
  • Compatible with 11-speed freehub bodies
  • 11-36T (available at a later date)

RD-R7150 Rear Derailleur

  • SHIMANO SHADOW Rear Derailleur
  • Integrated D-FLY connectivity
  • 12-speed Di2 technology
  • Compatible with 11-34 and 11-36T cassettes

FD-R7150 Front Derailleur

  • 12-speed Di2 technology
  • Fast, precise front shifting

SHIMANO 105 Di2: Better braking

Just as with the latest DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA groupsets, the new Shimano 105 features a revamped braking system that’s quieter, easier to maintain, and feels more controlled and powerful. Top line features include a fast initial contact point with a wider control zone and 10% wider pad-to-rotor clearance assuring noiseless operation. Home mechanics will also appreciate an improved and user-friendly bleed process that can be performed without removing the caliper from the frame.

BR-R7170 Brakes

  • More fine-tuned control and heightened braking performance
  • 10% wider pad clearance
  • Easier bleeding process

New RS710 Carbon Wheels

Continuing the theme of affordable trickle-down technology, Shimano is also launching its two most affordable carbon road wheelsets ever—the C32 for climbing and C46 for all-around use. Both share DNA with the C36 and C50 Dura-Ace and Ultegra wheel options, balancing aerodynamics, light weight, and rigidity.

The C32 features a 32mm rim height, 21mm internal rim width, and target wight of 1,502g. The C46 is 46mm tall, has a 21mm internal rim width and target weight of 1,610g. Both non-series wheels are 11- and 12-speed compatible, tubeless ready and come with an attractive Shimano logo design.


  • Lightweight wheels for riding where acceleration is key
  • 665g front wheel, 839g rear wheel
  • 21mm internal, tubeless rim


  • All-around wheels for breakaways and more
  • 719g front wheel, 893g rear wheel
  • 21mm internal, tubeless rim

Price and Weight

The entire 105 group will set you back $1886.87 and has a weight of 3067.7 grams (6.76 pounds). For comparison, Ultegra is 2690.5 grams and Dura-Ace is 2437.5 grams. Also for comparison, mechanical Shimano 105 (R7000) was $1139.90 and 2978.4 grams.

Di2 12spd Groupset Weight Comparison (grams)
Part Dura-Ace 12s Di2 Ultegra 12s Di2 Shimano 105 Di2
Rear Derailleur 215 262 302
Front Derailleur 96 110 142
Cassette 223 297 361
Chain 242 252 252
Crankset 685 700 765.6
Bottom Bracket 54 66 77
Shifters 350 382 423
Brake Calipers 233 282 282
Brake Hose 60 60 110
Rotors 212 212 285.6
Di2 Battery 53 53 53
Wires 14.5 14.5 14.5
Totals 2437.5 2690.5 3067.7


Shimano 105 Di2 R7100 breakdown

105 Di2 Component Price (USD) Weight (g)
BT-DN300 Di2 Battery $184.99 53
EW-SD300 Wire $27.99 7.25
EW-SD300 Wire $27.99 7.25
FC-R7100 105 Cranksets with Chainrings $179.99 765.6
CS-R7100 105 Cassette (11-34) $65.99 361
FD-R7150 105 Di2 Front Derailleur $152.99 142
RD-R7150 105 Di2 Rear Derailleur $279.99 302
CN-M7100 12-Speed Chain $32.99 252
SM-RT70 Disc Brake Rotor (160mm) – Each $45.99 142.8
SM-RT70 Disc Brake Rotor (160mm) – Each $45.99 142.8
J-Kit Brake Set 105 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set (Calipers and Levers) – Front Brake/Left Lever $404.99 407.5
J-Kit Brake Set 105 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set (Calipers and Levers) – Rear Brake/Right Lever $404.99 407.5
TOTAL $1,886.87 3067.7

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