The Treasures Inside The June Issue of RBA

By: Zap

As it is with every North American Handmade Bicycle Show I attend, I can’t resist falling hard for both the variety of bikes on hand, as well as the variety of bike builders. A sheer, mind altering mash-up of beauty and passion. And as usual, unlike RBA, no other cycling publication in America bothers to give the builders and their creations an inch of press in their pages. But year after year we are there to lend as big a worthwhile spotlight on the one show that is dedicated to the “little guys” as we can.

Here is but just a few of the incredible bikes that we featured in the June issue of Road Bike Action. And as always, none of this would be possible without the dedication and boundless enthusiasm of RBA’s own master blaster photographer John Ker. Oh yeah, the June issue is also chock-full with loads of other good stuff to read – pick one up at the newsstand or subscribe to RBA.

Next years show will be held in Salt Lake City on March 1…if you love bikes, I urge you to attend – you will not forget it.

June RBA
The June 2016 issue is on deck now and chock full of some of the most eye-catching bikes in the world….this is an issue you want to keep under your pillow!


Nabs 9
Probably one of the more exclusive carbon frames s in the world, the American made, sub-800 gram Argonaut won the Best Lay-Up award.


Nabs 8
From the house of famed frame builder Ugo DeRosa comes this beautiful steel Bixxis built by his son Doriano. The bike won the Campagnolo build contest.


Nabs 1
Craig Calfee rolled out one of the original carbon bikes he built for Greg LeMond to use in the 1991 Tour de France – the first full carbon bike to compete in Le Tour – to stand next to a modern incarnation.


Nabs 4
Rolling from the hill country if Indianapolis, Indiana, Shamrock Cycles never ceases to amaze with beautifully crafted steel bikes painted like no others.


Nabs 7
From beautiful road bikes to well-thought out commuters, Breadwinner Cycles remains a fan favorite at every NAHBS we attend.


nabs 6
My “Best New Guy On The Block” award would have to go to the kids at Lov Bikes – these kids from Colorado were brimming with passion & enthusiasm and their bikes had some of the grooviest paint jobs found at the show.


Nabs 10
Here’s another angle of the cover bike in another color – although the bike took the award for the Best Road Bike, builder Robert English confided that he actually built the bike to be a gravel bike.


Nabs 2
Another stunner from the Robert English booth was this tri-color disc road bike. Simply, simply amazing to look at.


Nabs 3
Here’s another view of the incredible Sarto concept track bike. Handmade in the family run shop located just outside of Venice, Italy…it’s hard to find anything more authentic – and exciting.


Nabs 13
Fabulous & dreamy bikes notwithstanding, by far the most beautiful thing I saw at NAHBS all weekend long was Bob “Bobke” Roll who showed up to ogle over all the beautiful bikes on hand, share a glass of some sweet Cab and join me in boasting about our daughters.


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