Is it endurance, race or maybe both?

The Endurace has long combined the acclaimed handling and performance of the German brand’s benchmark race models, combined with an endurance-optimized fit that made that performance more accessible to more people. All-road capability gets a boost, courtesy of generous 35-mm tire clearance (a 2-mm increase in clearance over prior models). Finally, the Endurace brings performance to a huge spectrum of riders – with 8 distinct frame sizes covering everyone from 4’11” to well over 6’7″.

The Endurace CF is Canyon’s new entry into carbon road disc performance.

Check out our first look at the new CF and AL


While the new models won’t make it to the US until late summer the rest of the world can get theirs now. The US pricing will be released with the bikes in a few months. There will be four Endurace CF models, starting at €1,999 for the entry-level Endurace CF 7.


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A top tube mount adds versatility and convince during long rides.

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