Sidi Shoes – The Name Is The Legacy

Sixty years ago, Dino Signori had a thought about footwear

It all started with making shoes for those seeking the quiet, contemplative moments of nature hikes. Trekking shoes were the first order of the day for Dino Signori. In 1973 cycling entered his life, which would prove an endeavor that brought 15 Tour de France victories, plus numerous world championship wins in every category of cycling along the way. As quaint as it sounds now, Dino broke new ground by introducing such radical features as adjustable cleats and Velcro enclosures.

And now, sixty years later, the 85-year-old company founder can still be found walking the halls of his impressive headquarters in Maser, Italy, that look out to the snow-capped Dolomites off in the distance.

If there was one shoe brand that has come to define Italian craftsmanship, plus winning style and performance, it would have to be Sidi. Of course, with the ever-expanding world of two-wheeled sport, Dino was early to partner with a long list of legendary throttle-twisters as well. 

Six-time 250cc world motocross champion Joel Robert was an early on convert to Sidi boots in the mid-70s.

To celebrate their anniversary, for 2020 Sidi is introducing the new Sixty, which features a host of their proprietary designs in four different colors and a full range of sizes.


Sidi’s original headquarters – a far cry from the large, modern building they are in now.

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