Sidi’s Sixty Celebrates a Special Anniversary

When it comes to two-wheeled sport, it goes without question that no other footwear brand has delivered more race wins and championship titles than Sidi. It was after all back in 1960 that founder Dino Signori had the idea to start his business that catered first to making ski and motocross boots before eventually including cycling into his catalog. 

In the years since, the Italian factory has continued pumping out some of the most technically advanced boots and shoes for everyone—from 10-time world champion Stefan Everts to five-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome, with hundreds of other champions added between them. 

To recognize the six-decade span of Dino’s dedication and longevity, last year the company rolled out a new shoe simply dubbed the Sixty. 



While the six-decade-old name and trusted handiwork are still present, the Sixty bows to modernity with its use
of the now-ubiquitous, synthetic-leather micro-fiber upper (cue the applauding cows).

As opposed to the (still) higher-end $549 Shot model, to pare as much weight as possible, the Sixty loses a second Techno dial and the adjustable heel cup. 

Given that Sidi helped pioneered dial enclosures years ago with their Techno dial, the Sixty uses a single Techno 4 dial located over the top of the foot that, with a simple pinch and pull, acts as a quick-release function for super easy on/off. Another handy feature of the Techno 4 rotor dial is the push button that releases a lever to allow micro-adjustments to tighten the shoe.  

In addition to the one rotor, the Sixty uses an old-fashioned Velcro strap that uses Sidi’s own polymer locking teeth to ensure that the strap maintains its grip.   

As you’d expect of a shoe in this price range, the outsole is comprised of carbon fiber that enjoys a thick and glossy clear coat over the weave pattern. It’s unfortunate that as striking as the carbon sole is, it never gets seen. Just under the toe is an integrated vent that can be run open or closed depending on the climate. There’s also a replaceable heel pad with a rubber stack to help make off-the-bike walking more manageable. 

Although there are two camps of thought on how a shoe employs its cable design, the Sixty definitely adheres to a simple, straightforward architecture with just four guides positioned over the forefoot area. 


One thing we have been critical of the Sidi’s Techno dial is the difficulty of finding the flip-up handle for mid-ride adjustments. The solution we offered was to “dis-color” the lever to allow for quicker visual identification. Sidi’s handy push-button solution that releases the lever for a quick twist to tighten is an even better solution.

Now, we would add our same critique of the small black lever that allows for the quick-release mechanism to pop open and loosen the dial. It’s there, and it only takes a second to feel for and find, but making it red in color (like the top button) would provide an even easier reference. 

Not unlike helmets and chamois, shoe comfort, too, can be a very subjective topic. That being said, the Sixty was extremely comfortable with no undue pressure on the top of the foot (as feared) due to the single Techno dial.  

Our first ride was on a cold day with the underside vents closed, but we still felt cold air coming in through the mesh material in the upper’s toe box. This, we anticipate, will be a boon on long summer rides when the SoCal temps heat up. 


Typical of the “Italian way,” the Sixty is available in 14 sizes with both a   standard and “mega-width” last, which are 4mm wider across the ball of the foot. The shoe is available in four colors, and the Techno dial is replaceable. 

Is $450 a lot to pay for a shoe? You bet. Sidi, of course, offers a full line of shoes, with the majority coming in at less-expensive prices. We like that in representing the brand’s legacy Sidi also made it competitive on the scale. As simple in design as the Sixty appears, it can best be defined as the sum of its parts, which for 60 years has always equaled great performance and durability.



Unequaled legacy


Made in Italy


Price: $449

Weight: 518 gram 

Sizes: 41–48 (42 tested)

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